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Project Overview

Gurgaon CRM is a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system designed specifically for call centers. Developed using PHP and MySQL, this CRM offers a comprehensive suite of features to streamline lead management, call handling, and data analysis. Our mission is to provide call center professionals with a powerful tool to efficiently manage leads, monitor call statuses, and facilitate seamless communication.

Problem Statement:

Call centers operate in high-pressure environments, managing a constant influx of leads and customer interactions. Manual lead management and call tracking processes are time-consuming, error-prone, and hinder productivity. Our challenge was to develop a CRM that automates these processes, enhances data accuracy, and provides real-time insights to empower call center agents.

What We Do:

  1. Lead Management: Gurgaon CRM simplifies lead management by allowing users to add, update, and change the status of leads. With a user-friendly interface, agents can quickly access lead information, ensuring efficient follow-ups.

  2. Call Handling: The CRM facilitates seamless call handling by assigning leads to specific agents. Agents can log call details, create call notes, and update lead statuses in real-time, enhancing communication and accountability.

  3. Data Import/Export: Our system supports CSV data import/export, enabling easy data transfer and integration with other tools. This feature streamlines data migration and minimizes manual data entry.

  4. User Assignment: Assigning leads to specific agents is a breeze. The CRM ensures leads are distributed evenly among the team for balanced workload management.

  5. Analytics and Reporting: Gurgaon CRM offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, providing valuable insights into call center performance. Managers can track key metrics, monitor agent productivity, and make data-driven decisions.


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